This website was the home of an open source user tool for the strategy role playing video game Star Trek Timelines, and operated between August 2018 and January 2019. It is now discontinued; this note will stay up until the domain expires in 2020.

What Happened?

I have decided that it’s not worth the hassle for me to continue working on this tool. In the past few days (January 2019) I’ve been insulted, accused of hacking, doxed and personally threatened.

I was hoping that developing the tool transparently as free and open-source software would create a community of like-minded individuals, working to uphold the principles of fairness that I built it on. Instead, with very few exceptions, I got a cold harsh lesson in what the world really is like – from mooches demanding support without the modicum of self-documentation all the way to people full of malintent that blatantly abused my work to cheat or gain unfair advantages in the game.

I want to have nothing to do with that behavior, so I’m retiring. I apologize to the community and to Disruptor Beam if my work made these flaws more easily discovered and abusable by these petaQ. If someone from DB contacts me, I’ll happily share all the information I’ve gathered (I won’t do it publicly for risk of further proliferation).

During its last month of existence, the website had more than 27,000 unique visitors, with an average of 1,089 unique users logging in per day. To all the legitimate users of my tool I apologize for taking this resource away from you, I hope you understand my reasoning and I hope that DB decides to improve / build some of the management functionality the tool provided directly into the game.

I also strongly urge you to not install future “versions” of the tool that may be floating around; I will be no longer working on this project and would have deleted my GitHub page; any future releases will not be done by me, are not endorsed by me, and will most certainly include malicious functionality that may compromise your credentials or infringe the game’s Terms of Service.

Thank you for your support!

-- IAmPicard 🖖